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I'm interested in the bikepacking workshop

Mike & Billy's Excellent Adventure!


Right on - Good to know you are interested in learning more.

Please leave me your email so I can create a separate list of folks who are interested in taking on a more adventurous life!

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In a few days I'll be reaching out to everyone on this new list with more information and to get your feedback I was asking about earlier.

Cheers, Mike

P.S. Here are the details, in case you got here by mistake:  

Wow - I got some fun replies yesterday! Some of you were hoping that a new race or film might be in the works:

The possibility of a new film was part of our conversation however, I’m nowhere near ready to talk about any of that just yet. Some of you offered up support no matter what it was about - which is totally freakin' amazing!

Some of you mentioned being inspired by Billy in the past:

And this is actually more to the point of our brainstorm.

We get asked a lot about gear choices, best training practices, how do you handle certain situations while racing…

We thought it would be cool to take all of our experiences (well mostly Billy’s) and create some kind of bikepacking workshop.

A sharing of our secrets - a passing on of knowledge - a gathering of our tribe kind of workshop.

This would be an immersive experience where the outcome will give you total confidence to enter the Tour Divide Race, the Trans Am Race, the upcoming Route 66 Race, or even take on your first weekend bikepacking trip.

Yesterday I was asking for some advice but rather than go into all the details I think it would be best to first see who would actually want to learn more about this gathering.

Please click on one of the following links to let me know whether what we’ve thought up is of interest to you.

YES! This sounds very interesting! I’d like to learn more!


Meh. I have no interest in being a part of this bikepacking thing.

* If you are not interested but know someone who might be, please forward them this email.

Thats it for now.

Thanks for being part of my world and wanting to stay in touch with news and upcoming projects via this newsletter.

All the best,